January 7 – One Down 51 To Go

During our walk, Melissa reminded me today we’ve completed one full week of 5Ks. Yay!


Mall WalkersToday Melissa and I went to one of the local malls to complete our daily 5K. At roughly 900 steps around the mall’s concourse, it takes approximately seven trips to complete a 5K. I was OK for the first mile, but had to pause for a few minutes to stretch. At close to two miles, the shin and ankle pain was so bad, it was wearing me out to continue, but I did knowing that eventually my shins would loosen up. Today, it wasn’t so much my shins that bothered me, but it was my ankles. Seriously, my ankles now?!

During our walk, Melissa reminded me today we’ve completed one full week of 5Ks. Yay! We celebrated with a high five. Then she also reminded me that we only have 51 more weeks to go. I felt the wind fall from my sails. We continued. I started to fall behind a bit, but kept pushing forward. I think I irritated Melissa a bit by asking, “How far have we gone?” a bit too often.

I wouldn’t have had to ask, but my phone died just as I opened MapMyWalk. But I have on my Withings band so that I can still get “credit” for the 5K. Always have a backup. I think that’s the lesson here.

After the glorious moment when she announced that we were done, we did a few post 5K stretches. And no, I’m not embarrassed to stretch in the mall. We walk before the mall officially opens for business, so there are a few other mall walkers, a few retail folks, and a small gaggle of women sitting around looking at their phones waiting to begin their days in the many nail salons in that mall who can watch me stretch if they want to. I’m sure I’ll end up in someone’s Twitter feed or Instagram postings for it, but at this point in life, who cares–I’m doing something.

My ankles, calves, and shins are sore, but not as bad as they were a few days ago. In all, a good day at the mall. And any day you can go to the mall and come out with the same amount of money you went in with is a very good day indeed.


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