January 11 – The Quickening

I focused on how my feet hit the ground. I kept thinking: heel and toe, heel and toe…as I landed each step.

Jan11 PaceMelissa took in midday sun for her 5K challenge walk today. She caught some rays and walked the hellacious hill that’s just a mile south of our house. We usually use that hill as part of our training course, but she added it to her daily 5K. To her credit, she actually walked about 3.5 miles, so I shouldn’t even mention her or her overachieving efforts. But she deserves kudos for making a better effort than I did, so there it is.

I, on the other hand, had to wait until after work to hit the bricks for my daily 5K treat, but it was a great day for me. Almost no pain of any kind. It was very warm–in fact, too warm for what I was wearing, but it was good to sweat a little. The block that’s just across the street from my house is 0.56 miles in size, so I decided to take that on for today’s 5K challenge. Due to my attention surplus disorder, I only made it around that block three-and-a-half times, before veering off onto the block that’s just south of that one.

The block across the street has two level ends and a long hill for the long portion. It’s a rectangle–a classic rectangle. The hill is approximately 20 feet in height difference from the low end to the high end, so I didn’t stick with my ‘level ground’ habit for the other days this week.

My pace was an excellent, as you can see from the picture above of my MapMyWalk app. Today’s pace average was 13:03 minutes per mile and a total time of 40:31 minutes. I’m very happy with this time. I didn’t feel stressed or pushed. I just decided to jog as much as I walked, so if I walked for a particular distance, I also jogged that same distance. It worked.

I focused on how my feet hit the ground. I kept thinking: heel and toe, heel and toe…as I landed each step. Proper form makes you less tired and feels better. It also reduces the likelihood of injuries. To further illustrate the importance of posture and foot positioning during walking and jogging, I’ll leave you with this informative video on the topic.



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