January 15 – Easy Like Sunday Morning

Our pace today was close to the 20 minute per mile mark and that worked for us. I’m not ashamed.

Take It EasyMelissa and I went to the small mall to do our 5K today and chose to take a slower, easier pace to heal from the more intense workouts of the past few days. The carpeted mall floors helps cushion our steps, for which we’re very thankful. Our pace today was close to the 20 minute per mile mark and that worked for us. I’m not ashamed. It’s better than skipping a day, for sure. We’re dedicated to this 5K-a-Day challenge and we’re going to do it. The accomplishment isn’t in breaking a record, but in doing it.

What’s hardest about mall walking is the temptation of the food court. The temptation increases exponentially when one of the proprietors of an Asian restaurant asks, “Would you like a sample?”

“Hell, yes I want a sample, but my wife won’t let me,” is what I want to say. That and, “Sorry, I’m in the middle of a 5K.” I wonder how that would actually sound coming out?

Would it sound awesome like it does in my head or would it sound kind of uppity and douchie like I think it might?

I didn’t say it, so either way it doesn’t matter.

The music today was pretty good. We were serenaded by 80s music including hits by James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Simple Minds, Madonna, and others. It helps to have decent music when you’re working out, walking, or running. Most people seem to bring their own, but I like ambient music and the cacophony of conversations and other assorted noises. I sometimes hate being “trapped” by earbuds and blaring music, although I do find it preferable to “elevator” music.

Another 5K in the books for us. Thanks for reading. Let us know how you’re doing on your challenge.



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