January 23 – It was a Monday

…today’s 5K let me know that I could walk at our old “competitive” pace again without pain and suffering.

Monday BreakupAnd it’s not like any other day. It started out pretty bad for me when I left my glasses and my security badge at home and it hasn’t gotten any better. To say that today has been a trying Monday is an understatement. I finally started my 5K today at almost 6 PM, which is much later than usual. I walked the whole way with no jogging. My pace was a surprising 15:41 minutes per mile. But I felt like I just wanted to walk and walk a little faster than in the past few days.

I’m not sure about Melissa’s walk because she went first thing this morning at the mall and we haven’t talked about the 5K. I have to assume that she experienced nothing out of the ordinary on her walk.

Mine was a bit different. There’s no wind to speak of and the temperature is comfortable for a brisk walk, so what happened this evening is a little odd. I was walking down the block that is next to mine and I saw a flash of greenish light and then kind of a ‘BOOM’ sound and then some houses went dark. I don’t know how many exactly, but at least four seem to be without power. If there had been a storm or really strong winds, I’d think it was a transformer that popped. I think it probably was a transformer, but I haven’t read or heard anything about it yet. It was just odd that it happened as I was walking by. And no, I had nothing to do with it. It’s all part of this Monday thing, I think.

Anyway, today’s 5K let me know that I could walk at our old “competitive” pace again without pain and suffering. I owe a lot of it to persistence, stretching, and focusing on my step technique. I noticed that when we walked the other day my feet weren’t clapping the ground but making the normal walking sounds that they should make.

Glad to have another one in the bag. Thanks for reading.



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