January 24 – Pie Day not Pi Day

…today’s takeaway rule is to take a few minutes and do some post walk stretches.

PiesI arrived home late again today and by late I mean close to 6 PM. It was an errand of mercy that made me late. I delivered a special treat to my family: Fried Pies from Fulton’s Pies and Pies. (I don’t get the name either–maybe I’ll ask them the next time I go, which will be sooner than later if no one tells my wife, so shhh, let’s let this be our little Internet secret. K?) And mercy, they’re yummy! I bought three apple pies and one coconut cream. I prefer coconut cream, but I also like apple. They have several other sweet flavors and several savory ones too. It was my first time to try them out, but it won’t be the last.

After Piepalooza, I changed and went for my 5K. I thought that I would walk it all again today, but since it’s nice and warm and the wind died down, I began to jog. I jogged a lot. I jogged so much that my first mile was in the twelve-and-a-half minute range. Impressive, yes? Impressive is a word which here means that I’ll pay for doing it tomorrow. Because what happens on a 5K, remains with you until the next day.

My second and third miles weren’t as impressive coming in at leisurely 13:40-ish per mile paces. I don’t care. My overall time was 40:26 minutes and my average pace was 13:03 minutes per mile. My best pace was 6:09 minutes per mile. Yep, that blur you saw was me out there scorching up the sidewalks.

I didn’t do a post walk stretch, which means that after sitting down to dinner, my legs stiffened like rigor mortis had set in a little too soon.

Melissa took in the nice weather on her neighborhood-oriented 5K today. She said she took it slow and just enjoyed the weather.

The high today hit 70 degrees, which for January in Oklahoma is not unheard of, but it also means that we’re in for a bad ‘spell’ as my mother would often say. She called unseasonably warm weather like this, a “weather breeder”, a term which most nearly means a weather pattern that’s going to please you one day but not the next. She had many “old saying” that got pretty old to me. For example, if it thunders in February, it will frost in April. Although I’ve seen it happen, I’ve never put much stock in it, as a rule, especially these days with our global climate change. Notice how I didn’t write, global warming? Yes, that was on purpose.

So, today’s takeaway rule is to take a few minutes and do some post walk stretches. Melissa is better about than I am. We both do it at the gym. That’s mostly true because I see her doing it and I follow suit. And it’s not a stretch to say that she’s much better about stretching and definitely more limber. I can outrun her though if I run; walking, however, is another story.



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