January 26 – Wake Up and Smell the Sushi

When it hurts bad enough that you want to slow down, then you should slow down. Pause and pick it back up. Don’t ever overdo it.

Bernie has nothing to do with this post.Walking and jogging around the neighborhood, as I told you yesterday, has its share of odors. Tonight’s nasal treats were a bit different than most. On one side of the neighborhood, I breathed in the delicate aromas of barbecue, pizza, an upscale Italian restaurant, Sushi, and steak. Yes, quite a menagerie, isn’t it? However, on the other side of the neighborhood, three blocks away, the watery stench of scorched household goods filled the air, from a house fire this morning. It was very tragic. The elderly lady who lived in the house has just lost her husband and now this. I tried to focus on her recuperation and well-being more than I focused on the burned house smell. Her two major losses in a week certainly outweigh my discomfort with the windblown stink of her burned-out home.

My performance wasn’t quite stellar tonight. I wasn’t 100 percent for some reason. I blame the effects of a 3D experience that I had earlier that left me mildly traumatized. It’s OK though, I’ll survive.

Ah, Sushi.My total time was a respectable 41:34 minutes at an average 13:22 pace. Not bad. I’ll take it.

So enough about me because Melissa had an interesting day at the gym for her 5K. She went to the upper level of the gym to the treadmills (Satan’s Hate Machines). She told me that she had this great pace going. 4.3 miles per hour walking and faster when jogging. She was kicking backside and taking names. She got so excited about her accomplishment at 1.56 miles into her 5K that she wanted to check her pace by pressing the button to display it. The design of this particular model isn’t exactly ergonomic, so when she meant to tap the button for displaying her awesome pace, she instead hit the Reset button, which cleared her information. Luckily she remembered the last reading of her distance, so she could pick up and finish.

The same sort of thing happened to me on that same set of treadmills. After my workout, I wanted to check my stats and cleared them instead. Frustrating. And I’m a computer guy, so hitting the wrong button isn’t something I normally do.

It was a good workout day for both of us. Remember to breathe deeply when you workout. Don’t get overtired or exhausted. When it hurts bad enough that you want to slow down, then you should slow down. Pause and pick it back up. Don’t ever overdo it. Avoid injury and overexertion by being smart about your workouts. Tell us how you’re doing.

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