January 27 –

…when you’re out walking in your neighborhood, always be aware of your surroundings.

Car vs. PersonI always find it a bit challenging to relax after my 5K. I think it must be because I do it in the evening after work–most of the time anyway. I think mornings are actually best for a run/jog/walk because that way your metabolism stays up for the better part of the day. Doing an evening 5K makes dinner less pleasurable and sleep a little less possible. That’s my experience. Your mileage (pun, ha!) may vary. But I also might not be able to relax all the way because I feel as if I’ve cheated death by surviving my 5K.

Today’s 5K was a very respectable 39:29 minutes at an average pace of 12:44 minutes per mile. I’m getting there.

Melissa completed her 5K this morning in the neighborhood too. She told me that she jogged the streets, which means that when crossing the street, she jogged. You kind of have to be fully aware of your surroundings at all times in Tulsa as a walker/runner/jogger because you never know when someone is going to lose control and hit you. Almost once a week we have a car-pedestrian injury or fatality.

Someone we knew had just moved here for a new job and two or three weeks into his stay, BAM!, hit by a car and confined to a wheelchair for months. It happens way more often than it should and it seems to be getting worse. I blame cell phones. I see people messing with them when stopped at traffic lights and often those people are very unaware of when the light changes or what’s around them.

Even when I’m alone in my car I yell, “OK, quit looking at your phone and let’s go already.” They can’t hear me, but it helps calm my road rage. If I can verbalize my disdain, it’s way better for them and me.

So, when you’re out walking in your neighborhood, always be aware of your surroundings. And don’t believe that just because you’re on the sidewalk that you’re safe. You’re not. I’ve seen many accidents on the major road just to our north where people have driven fast enough, in a 40MPH zone, to jump the curb, cross the sidewalk, travel 30 or more feet of space to hit a telephone pole. I’m not sure how that even happens, but it does. I’ve also seen a house that someone ran into with his car. I’ve seen amazing things in this town and I don’t want to become another statistic, just because someone couldn’t control themselves or wait to respond to or to read a text.

OK, so digressive rants aside, my 5K was pretty darn good because I didn’t have to dodge a single car.

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