January 28 – From 5K to 5 Miles

It was not only a training walk and our 5K, but it was also an adventure.

Willy Walk 5 Miles?Melissa and I completed the second of our “training” walks today. Our five-miler contained our daily 5K, for which I’m grateful. I don’t think I could have covered eight miles today. It was not only a training walk and our 5K, but it was also an adventure. That’s right, a full-blown adventure right here in the middle of Tulsa. We took a detour into an abandoned area that looks as if it was going to be an office site. There are roads and parking areas, but it’s long abandoned condition shows that whatever proposed development there was, is now long forgotten.

Once we left that grand adventure, we walked up another large hill that coupled with the chilly wind, almost took away my breath. The walk wasn’t unpleasant, but it could have been almost perfect without the wind.

We had to maneuver around construction crews and orange cones during this excursion, which is always fun. I asked Melissa to remind me to avoid that area, to which she promptly replied, “Hey, Ken, don’t go this way.” Right. Duly noted. Thanks for that. She’s so handy to have around.

Glad to be finished with this week’s training walk, we went to lunch straight away after going home. We went to Sam’s Southern Eatery, which is one of my favorite places. The catfish nuggets, which they didn’t have today, are always my first request. Today, I opted for the two fish and two chicken meal. Melissa had the fish po’boy, which is her “go to” meal there. They have all the good things that I love. I’m glad it isn’t close to my office, or I would eat there every day, spoiling my 5K activity.

If you experience soreness and pain after you walk/jog/run and don’t have someone around, like me, to rub your feet and legs, then you can self-massage. Get into a comfortable position and slowly and firmly massage your pained parts. You can use some sort of muscle rub, aspirin-containing cream, or other healing salves to ease the ache. Fortunately for her, Melissa has me for that. I have to resort to self-massage.

#5KaDay2017 #5KaDayChallenge


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