January 30 – 30 Days of 5Ks

JanuarySo, 30 days in, and I’m feeling fine. I’ve walked 93+ miles and I’m still in the same place where I started 30 days ago. It’s funny but now I’m so used to doing a 5K every day that I have almost forgotten the details of the previous days’ walk. Today’s 5K was a nice, warm one. It was 70-ish degrees when I got home and went for my walk. I jogged some of it as usual for a total time of 40:06 minutes at an average pace of 12:57 minutes per mile. A 5,300 step walk is nothing to write home about when my daily goal is actually 10,000 steps. I get close at 7,000+ steps per day, but I’m short of the goal because of the 5Ks. I need to go ahead and finish out my 10,000 steps or reset my goal to match my performance, but that’s not a good idea.

Melissa did her 5K in the pleasant morning air with no wind and no unusual happenings.

I find all kinds of interesting bits of trash and debris around the neighborhood. I found a Cadillac hubcap centerpiece. I found a Nissan logo. I’ve found money. I found a dead squirrel near a clipboard (I tried to create a good short story around that one). I’ve also found that there are a lot of metal things on our roads: bolts, nails, screws, and many things that I can’t identify. A lot of these things end up in people’s tires. Sometimes they end up in my tires. Melissa and I both have had punctures from objects found in the streets that our local Sam’s Club calls “road hazards”. I’m not a fan.

In all it was a good 5K day, with a little pain from the weekend’s longer treks, but overall I declare it good.

I need to remember to take more time to stretch until I feel that my muscles have truly given in to what’s about to occur. You should do the same.

#5KaDay2017   #5KaDayChallenge


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