February 1 – A Groundhog Day Eve 5K

I’m not a huge fan of February because I’m not really sure how to pronounce February.

FebruaryYesterday I lamented that January had 31 days, meaning that I wished that my first month of 5Ks had been shorter by, I don’t know…maybe a day, I guess. Melissa replied, “There are 365 days in a year, so what does it matter?” True, but the point is that a shorter month would mean that we’d surpassed a milestone–a whole month of 5Ks. It doesn’t matter now, of course, but it mattered a couple of days ago.

Today is February 1st. I’m not a huge fan of February because I’m not really sure how to pronounce February. There are two competing pronunciations and I’ve always favored the Feb-yoo-ary version, while Melissa favors, Feb-roo-ary. I can’t bring myself to say it that way, although it’s probably the more correct one. I mean, come on, when it’s followed by March, April, May, June, and July, why does February have to be so difficult? February is the Wednesday of months. It’s annoying and weird.

Melissa and I walked together today in the chilly wind. When the wind hit us in the face, it was pretty rough to take. I’m not a fan of the wind, especially cold wind. It was literally breathtaking and not in a good way. We finally finished up and put another 5K into the history book or blog.

Our time was somewhere between competitive and love walk, which means that we weren’t hurried or trying to be competitive. In plain English, it was close to an hour for the 5K walk today. Such is life.

Remember to keep walking. Don’t let the weather or any other issues keep you from that daily 5K. It does get easier. To me, the 5K isn’t so much of a physical challenge anymore but has become more of a time challenge. I know that as soon as I hit the door, I can’t sit down and relax. I have to change clothes, get motivated, stretch, and then hit the bricks.

#5KaDay2017 #5KaDayChallenge

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