February 6 – Family Angst and the Missing 5K Post

Yes, Melissa and I both completed our daily 5K as promised.

Post OverdueFebruary 7 – Writing for February 6. OK, so I know this post is a day late. Yes, Melissa and I both completed our daily 5K as promised. I waited and started mine at 7:30 yesterday evening. I got home at the usual time and was going to walk again with Walker who wanted to walk and talk on the daily 5K. However, Melissa had new, fresh ideas about that walk. She and Walker spent the better part of the evening in the Living Room, mostly sans me, in order to discuss Life, the Universe, and Everything. The concepts, not the book of the same name by Douglas Adams.

I ate dinner and hung out for as long as I could before tiring of the angst-infused discussions and bailed on my solo 5K. Who cares? I’ve done many of them on my own and will probably do more that way.

It was dark. Very dark. It was so dark that I thought that some of my Trump-voting, well-armed neighborhoodniks might take a shot at me for walking. And, yes, I am actually concerned about it. I stay on the sidewalks or in the street to avoid dogs, people, and cars as much as possible. I did have sort of a near miss near our neighborhood pool as a car turned in as I was trying to cross the street. A pretty standard walk. At least once on every walk, either I have to wait for someone to finish doing something interesting, a word which here means unwise, or I have to dodge some awesome driver who either doesn’t see me or who doesn’t care that I’m there.

My 5K wasn’t impressive. I walked every inch of the way. I think I walked pretty fast and came in at just under 15:30 minutes per mile.

Again, I want to stress that you need to be very aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to traffic and everything that’s going on around you. It’s for this reason that I don’t have earbuds and music blaring during my walks. Yes, it’s a little more boring, but I’m also still alive and kicking out the 5Ks.

Melissa and Walker walked together starting at close to or after 9 PM. I assume the walk was mostly uneventful.

#5KaDay2017 #5KaDayChallenge


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