February 18 – Saturday’s Lazy 5K

We made it. A leisurely neighborhood walk with no rush and no time limitations.

Resting 5KMelissa and I waited until late afternoon to walk our 5K today. There was a bit of debate and confusion, on my part, as to when we might depart on our 3.1-mile excursion. I wasn’t clear on when it might happen. It doesn’t really matter when we do it, as long we do it but for some reason, I need to know so that I can better plan my day around it. There was much cooking, cleaning, straightening, washing, and a bit of shopping that had to happen first.

Finally, we got to it after 4 PM. The air is weird today. The temperature was 64-degrees but it felt much warmer. Somehow the humidity, temperature, and whatever else plays a part in creating the weather made it kind of hard to get a good breath today. There was much panting and a bit of gasping along the route.

We made it. A leisurely neighborhood walk with no rush and no time limitations. The walk was only interrupted twice by phone calls and no real events to report. No dogs chased us. No cars tried to run us over. And no whackos brandishing guns took aim at us. You know, a normal day in many parts of the country, but noteworthy here. I have to preface it like that because on many days there are helicopters circling overhead searching for perpetrators–sorry, suspected perpetrators, a few random acts of violence, robberies, burglaries, and more. Just yesterday on my way home from work, there was a rapist, sorry, a rape suspect who was shot and killed by police about a mile-and-a-half from my house, so you know, I do have to qualify my statement of what normal is.

Anyway, thank goodness for today’s relative normality but not the relative humidity.

#5KaDay2017 #5KaDayChallenge




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