February 5 – The BOGO 5K

Walking a split 5K means that you’ll have to pause your workout while you eat, so don’t forget to do that.

Just Like I Like It.Melissa and I took a morning walk to Village Inn again for breakfast where we had the Chicken Fried Steak Skillet BOGO special. It’s two eggs any style, chunky potatoes, and two buttermilk pancakes. Yum. It’s definitely worth walking 1.65 miles to have it. Of course, the walk home is a bit more difficult. We didn’t finish our breakfasts because it’s more than we bargained for when we ordered.

It was a nice, slow pace walk–especially on the return trip. We made it and were glad that we did.

If you’re going to walk, eat, and then walk again, remember to allow yourself a little time after you eat to let your food ‘settle’. I don’t think it’s a good idea to hop up and continue a multi-mile walk on a full stomach. I don’t know that for sure, but it seems counterintuitive to do so. Rest a few minutes, drink two glasses of water, visit, and let that breakfast have time to digest. You don’t want cramps or side stitches or any other ailments resulting from trying to be athletic on a full tummy.

Walking a split 5K means that you’ll have to pause your workout while you eat, so don’t forget to do that. Please watch those intersections. It seems that every time we cross a street, we have a near miss or a “Wow” moment that makes me think that we need camera surveillance or a cop on every corner in this town.

I noticed that a pair of Melissa’s shoes are looking a little worn and I brought her attention to it. They aren’t all that old, but the soles are getting rubbed flat. I have written about how fast she walks before and her shoes are ‘living’ proof of it. She doesn’t clap her feet down like I do sometimes nor does she jog with that sliding jog step. I don’t know if that’s the proper description or not, but when some people jog, they land their feet in a scraping movement, which I believe is hard on their shoes and possibly not great form. My point is that, if your shoes are worn, you should think about replacing them and using the old ones for ‘everyday.’

As for stretching, Melissa likes Yoga. She watches some Australian lady on a Roku channel for it. She says that it stretches her muscles and relaxes her for a better workout. If I liked Yoga, I’d probably agree. My problem is that I just can’t do the moves. Even as a teenager, I couldn’t touch my toes and I’m certainly not going to attempt it now.

Drink a lot of water and, if you like, take some with you on your walk. It gets lighter as you walk, so it won’t be much of a burden to you.

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January 4 – Treadmill Hell

…when you’re working out, don’t feel compelled to keep up with anyone else.

Melissa and I went to the gym where we still have a membership and mounted the treadmills. I started slow, but picked up to the “standard” 4.0 mile per hour pace. I really hate treadmills. I hate treadmills because they make you walk on a hard, flat surface that has no “give” to it. I know that streets have no “give” either, but the difference is that there’s a lot of variance in sidewalks and streets. Their unevenness conforms better to your shoes and feet. Plus, there’s no variation on a treadmill. It remains steady at whatever pace you set. 4.0 miles per hour is a pretty brisk pace to maintain for 45 minutes. If you don’t believe me, try it.

It was a good workout, but I found myself in a lot of foot and leg pain at that pace. If I’d stayed at 3.5 miles per hour, it would have been far more comfortable, but somewhat longer. Melissa finished before me (about two minutes), which didn’t bother me because everyone has their own pace.

My advice is, that when you’re working out, don’t feel compelled to keep up with anyone else. Don’t ever try to lift more, run faster, or stretch farther because of who you think is watching. Work at your own pace. You’ll experience fewer injuries and a more enjoyable workout. You’ll also be able to maintain a workout routine for a longer period of time, if you’re not feeling intimidated by someone else’s awesome-looking workout.

Don’t compare yourself to other people; you are on your own journey. Feel free to leave comments and questions about your workouts, routines, and any advice that you might have for others in the comments area.