January 21 – California Dreamin’

But through all the weather-related angst, road and sidewalk trash, and the random dog barking at us; we made it.

DreamingMelissa and I combined our half marathon training and our daily 5K into a single four mile walk, as promised. The weather was mostly cooperative. It sprinkled on us at first, which we thought might turn into an uninvited downpour at almost any time during the next hour. Fortunately, we made it to the end with only a light rain at the end. Certainly not enough to stop us or even to give us pause. Melissa is a determined trooper. She’s like the U.S. Postal Service, when it comes to walking–nothing stops her. We’ve walked in conditions that I wouldn’t even drive in, so her determination is much more determined than mine.

Well, you know what Jim Carrey says, “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” Which I’m sure she just did before reading that last line.

Today we walked the neighborhood and included the big hill that’s almost one mile to our South. We walked up the less steep, but longer side, which is no easy chore. Both of us panting, Melissa, the eternal optimist, looked out over the town and said, “Enjoy the view, you worked hard for it.”

When we got to the top and were taking in the awesome view, I said, “All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray…”. Melissa, being the lyric queen, finished the song. The song reference made perfect sense to me, because all the leaves are indeed brown and the sky is gray.

I could have enjoyed the view and the song more with cocktail in hand, while stretched out on the couch, but hey, you take life as it’s handed to you. I walked up there, so I took in the view.

There’s one thing about damp weather, though, it makes any lung or air passage problem worse. Melissa was wheezing a bit and my nose ran like crazy on the walk. The big hill was especially enjoyable on those two fronts.

But through all the weather-related angst, road and sidewalk trash, and the random dog barking at us; we made it. As always, I’m glad we’re done for another day.



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